Christopher Fodera is a Visual Artist based in San Francisco specializing in experimental video, imagery, and design.




Christopher Fodera
Visual Artist
San Francisco

Maria (2019)
Interactive Machine Installation
The Grid, San Francisco
Sept 26, 2019

An audio composition of a sustained chord progression was deconstructed as separate note tracks and recorded onto 8 individual tape casettes. Each casette played simultaneously and was routed through a mixer allowing participants control of each note track’s volume. A DV camera recorded participant interaction. Two CRT monitors displayed reactive video.

Mark Goodwin

Time Room (2019)
Interactive Video Installation
Tilden Hotel, San Francisco
Dec 6, 2019

Death Valley (2019—2020)
Solo Exhibit
Blackbird, San Francisco
Dec 14, 2019—Mar 13, 2020

Tails and Pins (2019)
Visual Record
Released Jan 24, 2019

Mark Goodwin
Matthew Ely
Nora Free-Mather
James Fern
Jenny Reed

Gary Hobish
A. Hammer Mastering